Tuesday, 8 May 2012

It all goes wrong

The frustration when one thing goes wrong is bad enough, but I'm giving up on today as there's been too many to count, but to give you a flavour:

My iPad has decided it doesn't like the internet and won't log on.

I paid for something through PayPal and although it says I've paid, the company I was buying from said they didn't have a record of the transaction. They told me to go into my PayPal account and cancel the transaction. I tried, I really did, but eventually had to bite the bullet and phone PayPal. This was unbelievably frustrating. I had to go through approx five layers of different machine choices (enough to drive me nuts to start with) and then get hold of someone who tells me that in spite of their website which says all you have to do is click on the transaction and cancel, this is the kind of transaction that can only be cancelled by the seller. Nowhere on PayPal website does it say this. They tell me I have to get in touch with the seller and get them to get in touch with PayPal (god help the poor sods) and then they will hopefully sort it out. The selling company have so far been very good, in that they've said they'll get in touch with PayPal. This story might run on and on...

My credit card has decided to stop working. Nowhere can I find a problem with it. I don't owe money, I still have plenty of credit.

I wanted to go outside for a bit of exercise, preferably on my bike, but each time I have a spare moment it starts chucking it down, and when I say chucking, I mean chucking. I know I'm a fair weather outdoors person, but I'm already miserable, so being wet and miserable doesn't seem like a great option.

I'm giving up on today. I'm going to hide my head under my duvet and only get up when life has returned to a semblance of unfrustratingness. I might have a very long wait.


  1. Poor you, how frustrating! Lets hope tomorrow's better.

  2. Some days are best just forgotten. Hope today's better.

  3. Thanks Karen. Today seems to have been a whole lot better, apart from forgetting the cable for my printer, which means while I'm in Edinburgh I can't print anything. Still, compared to yesterday it's been a breeze.