Friday, 4 May 2012

The season begins

Because it was actually sunny yesterday and the temperature was in actual double figures I decided that it would be the start of my outdoor bowls season.

Joyce and the wonderfully named Magic Bob had already begun over a week ago when I was away on Holy Isle, but a quick chat while I was on my way to vote yesterday morning in the village hall led to my first session.

By the time we got on the bowls green it was just after 5 pm and the sun was lovely and warm, which made up for the fact that all 3 of us took a while to get the hang of what we were supposed to be doing. Still, it was fun.

We played for an hour and a half - and just for the record I won by one point (9 to Joyce's 8 and Bob got 1) - and then decided to start our season the way we meant to go on, which meant retiring to my house for a G&T and Twiglets. Definitely a great start.

We were going to play again today, but it seems as though the weather has stepped in to see if we're up to bowling in a force 8 gale like true bowlers. The answer is a resounding no. I just have to hope that my bowls season wasn't over in one short day.

1 comment:

  1. Hooray a first win of the season. Disappointed at the woosing out over a bit of a breeze and dampness in the air! Not what MM would expect :)