Saturday, 5 May 2012

Love is...

Mountain Man has a new toy. It's a blood pressure monitor, which he bought after his recent bout in hospital. The reason for him actually buying it, is so that he can stay one step ahead of those who were trying to get him to take quantities of medication. He also wanted to prove to himself that he can, by exercising sensibly and eating even more sensibly, manage his health without resorting to tablets.

He bought a rather fetching, simple machine off eBay for half the price it's advertised for.

For the last week since it arrived MM has been religiously taking his blood pressure morning and night, and recording it for posterity, or at least for the next time he goes to the GP for his heart check-up.

When I got back from Edinburgh on Thursday I was rather fascinated by the process and demanded a shot. My blood pressure is lower than a lot of people's, but has, I believe, crept up into the more normal range as I've gotten older.

It's a strange thing taking your blood pressure with a digital thingy. Once the band is in the right place you press the button and it tightens and tightens and tightens and just as you wonder if it will ever stop tightening, it lets go and then you have to wait for it to do it's thing and come out with a reading at the end. Is it simple to use? Yes. Is it accurate? Who knows, but the reviews are good. Is it frightening? Yes! Each time I use it I worry that it won't stop tightening. I'm sure this raises my blood pressure somewhat, but as it's low anyway, I'm not all that sure it matters.

And so there we are, the odd couple. Last thing at night, sitting side by side in bed taking turns in taking our blood pressure. Romantic or what!

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  1. And MM says the gadget queen has taken over his medical equipment. She can't resist a good bit of kit y'know!
    It's perhaps a new take on togetherness, his'n hers BP monitoring???