Monday, 20 June 2011

Today's the day

It's Wimbledon! The time of year when I am firmly glued to the telly for far too many hours a day. Sadly this year, because my Beloved's new employee will be firmly ensconced in the main part of the house, I think I'll be banned to the bedroom for the next two weeks. Unless I can persuade them that a background of tennis will help boost their concentration. I hae me doots.

Yesterday was pleasant enough. A bit of bowls with Magic Bob and Joyce as my Beloved celebrated Father's Day with cards and phone calls from all those who count. My belly was still in recovery from Saturday's massive lunchtime meal and is only starting to get back to normal today. I think I'm going to have to see if I can get dinner gigs as I'm so not used to eating such big meals at midday. Still I'm enjoying the writing. It certainly is quite something to have to write a mere 210 words to express all I want to and I think it's good practice for me.

One member of the writer's group I belong to (The Borders Writers' Forum) has won the prestigious Neil Gunn prize 2011. Margaret Skea won not just the Adult Prose section, but also the overall prize with her delightful story, Working Away, which is fantastic. That is the writing as well as the fact that she won. She told me she was a bit shell-shocked by the whole thing. I'm just so pleased that someone I know actually won.

I think it'll be some years before I'm brave enough to enter such a renowned comp. Better stick to what I know I can do, like write about delicious food, and enjoy the fact that I too am in print.

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