Monday, 27 June 2011

An expensive day out

On Saturday I headed for Edinburgh as there was a party next door. We had been invited, but as my Beloved was heading off up a hill to tender to the needs of those mad enough to want to run up hills in the dark, I decided not to go on my own and also not to hang around to listen to those partaking in jollities.

The other reason was that my Beloved's daughter and grandson had arranged an assignation at The Royal Highland Show, so had to be in Edinburgh on Sunday morning anyway and it made things easier.

It was difficult to know what to wear as the weather was alternately windy and cloudy and cold, or sunny and balmy and warm. I took my wellies as well just in case. Turned out I was dressed just right, but spent a lot of the day taking my jacket on and off.

I don't know how many of you have been to the Royal Highland, but it cost a fortune. £5 to park the car and £25 each to let us in... yes, you read it right... £25! My step-daughter, her ex (don't ask) and the grandson only stayed just over an hour, so that turned out to be a very expensive jaunt for them. Whereas we stayed for as long as we could.

I love Agricultural shows, though this was the first time at this one. I have to say I much prefer the smaller events and am looking forward to the Border Union show at the end of July where I'm showing a Shetland. The RHS is just too big. You'd have to stay all weekend to be able to see it all, and at the prices they're charging that's a no-no for a start.

Still we watched the heavy horse championship, and then the fox hounds, who if they weren't running round and round in circles were eating as much horse shit as they could get hold of and dispensing it out the other end... lovely! Nathan got a chance to go and pet them which he enjoyed, but not quite so sure his dad did.

When it was time for the cattle parade, the others opted to go for a wander and I was left on my own to watch. I loved it. Here's a pic of the overall champion who was a Short Horn. And very, very handsome he was too.

After the others left to head back to Glasgow, my Beloved and I found a spot in the stands and spent a very happy afternoon watching the pipe bands and the show jumping. Just as we were leaving we bumped into someone from our village who told us there'd been blue, sunny skies in the Borders all day... win some, lose some I guess.

It took us about half an hour to find our car, as the intrepid mountain man, who can find his way round the mountains of Scotland without so much as a compass, totally misjudged where we'd parked the car. He wouldn't believe me when I started in one direction. Turned out I was right. Mountain man was circumspect. I did say 'told ya so', but hey got to get the jollies where one can! Then it took us about another half hour to get out of the car park.

Anyway, here's a few pictures of champion sheep to keep you all happy.

And here's a pic of the real reason we went to the RHS:


  1. Where's the jewellery made of vegetables???

  2. Hey this is the RHS, not the Black Isle Show!