Thursday, 2 June 2011

Maybe tomorrow

Today was the complete opposite of yesterday... it was beautiful and warm, dare I say hot even? My car said it was 20, and it certainly felt like it. But of course I was at work all day. Yes, inside an office. A quick going out to get my lunch, but that was it. So all I could do was look longingly out of the window at the rest of Edinburgh walking by in their T-shirts and short sleeves. Still tomorrow is a no work day and so will hopefully spend some of it outside. That will be so good.

Meanwhile my Beloved, who's currently in Compiegne, not too far from Paris, has been enjoying a very hot day in the French sunshine. Apparently his Birthday Bike is doing the trick and he's managing to cycle at speed, which he's enjoying hugely. When he was leaving London he went so fast he managed to set off a speed camera, which is some going. I think it made him very proud.

Another piece of good news is we have a new dogminder. She's actually my Beloved's new employee who stays just outside of the village, which will make our life a whole lot easier. Nell spent a trial night there on Friday, and last night was the first real night. No problems at all. I'm mightily relieved as my Beloved has a busy summer of activities coming up which makes my working life a bit complicated, so the fact that someone can look after Nell takes a lot off my mind.

So only three days left now til my Beloved gets home. Skype is great as we've been able to see each other every day and catch up on whatever has been going on, but sometimes technology lets us down. Tonight we had to connect/reconnect 4 times and in the end gave up. I'm hoping, like the weather, I'll be able to enjoy it better tomorrow.

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  1. I had my mum complaining about the same thing, except she chose the central heating over thermals. Glad it's improving though. Don't look at the weather forecast for the Sunshine Coast or you may never speak to me again!