Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sporting activities

My man arrived home very late on Sunday night, tired but exhilerated after his efforts route marking for the London to Paris cycle ride and has been catching up with 'real life' ever since. That is the hundreds of emails that were floating in the system. I think he's almost thinking that going away for a week wasn't such a great idea. Good to have him home.

I had a great night at bowls last night and shocked everyone, including myself, with the way I played. My new village pal (who goes by the wonderful name of Magic Bob) and I went for a practice in the morning and because we both have physical problems of varying sorts, we have both had to alter the way we play to accommodate our bodies. And both of us felt we were getting somewhere. So actually playing last night and seeming to have our practice efforts paying off, made us both feel good. Can't say the club acolytes felt the same. They seemed to be quite taken aback. Now comes the difficult bit and that is to keep it going.

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