Sunday, 12 June 2011

I hate housework

Unutterably disappointed of the Scottish Borders. That's been me today. I couldn't believe they cancelled Queen's Club tennis today and are putting it on tomorrow, which means my plans for tomorrow will have to change.

I was intending to do loads of exercise and writing, but instead I shall have to be glued to the telly watching the tennis until the final is over. Or as my Beloved would say, any excuse to sit on my arse and watch sport.

I was so disappointed at the tennis cancellation that I actually cleaned out my clothes cupboard, and even vacuumed in there and I have to be almost distraught to do something like that. I also washed the bathroom floor and, was so upset that I went for cleaning behind the sink. Yup, that's how upset I've been.

But now is time for Formula 1, which is in Canada this week. The commentators have spent over half an hour waffling about nothing much and I wish they'd just get on with it. Still at least on the Jacques Villeneuve track there's a chance for overtaking so it should be quite exciting. And at least it means I won't have to do anymore housework today!


  1. The Beloved would say sitting on the arse (lovely it is too!) watching sport is muchly preferable to housework cos he is threatened with it too.

  2. I hate housework, too. It doesn't seem worth going through the place, because it all needs doing again a short while later. A bit of a waste of time, I think.