Saturday, 25 June 2011

People are strange

Well me actually.

Every Saturday I get the Guardian and the very first thing I do is complete the Sudoku. Don't ask me why, I just do. It makes me feel complete, like I've achieved something. Sometimes I make mistakes (it's always a 'hard' one on a Saturday) and I spend far too much time redoing it on various bits of paper until it's finished. I don't like to leave it undone, as somehow in the depths of my mind it feels unlucky. I try very hard not to be superstitious but I'm afraid the Guardian Sudoku is my undoing on that one.

But, even worse is, once I'm finished I feel almost sad that it's done. And if it's taken me forever to complete it's a mixture of relief that it's finished, sadness that it's finished and frustration at how long it's taken me.

So today I finished it in record time. I've been doing Sudoku for years and today, for some reason I can't quite fathom, I found a new way to do it. Now I feel my usual relieved and sad, but now I also feel frustrated that it's taken me so long to discover my new method, and frustrated that I finished it so quickly that I fear my Saturday's will never be the same.

Yup... totally strange.

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  1. You have been awarded the Stylish Bloggers award. You will need to stop my my blog and pick it up.