Saturday, 11 June 2011

Practice makes perfect

Today has felt like Noah should be around the corner. It has rained and rained and rained all day, and I'm not talking drizzle here, it's been chucking it down.

After a slow get up and a Skype session with my friend Tracy in South Africa, we took ourselves off down to the village hall where there's an exhibition of its 100 years anniversary. It had photos and memorabilia and was quite fascinating. The original bill from the architect was for £25 and all the wooden benches and tables cost £35 1shilling and 6pence. I love old stuff like that. There were some lovely pics of our house too - which was built in 1843 - and is quite a village feature.

When we got home it was still so miserable out, we cancelled our plans and decided to stay put and watch the tennis from Queen's Club. Great to see Andy Murray playing brilliantly against Andy Roddick, but the match was so short if you blinked you'd probably have missed it, and then the other semi between James Ward and Jo Wilfried Tsonga was not so scintillating and JWT didn't look like he was going to lose. I'm looking forward to the final tho, which because of the expected deluge in London tomorrow is starting an hour and half earlier than advertised.

So it seems that our weather is heading south and good riddance. Tho of course if it's sunny tomorrow I shall feel a bit guilty sitting watching the tennis, whereas today it seemed like just the thing to be doing. Still I don't care. Tennis is tennis and I've got to practice for Wimbledon which is coming up in just over a week. Yeh!

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