Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Bad hair day

I decided to colour my hair. I've been doing it for years, but somehow over the last year or so the colour I used to use was coming out way too dark. So this time - after a talk with the local hairdresser, Jackie (£6 a pop and she comes to house), I went for a lighter shade. Jackie said that just going one shade lighter is all I'd needed to do and it wouldn't come out all that different, just a bit lighter.

The one I chose was called 'Radiant Golden Blonde' (which is one colour off the lightest which is called 'Pure Light Blonde' and I thought was a step far too far), and was 2 shades lighter than my previous choice. And from the pictures on the pack of all the glamorous looking women with their varying shades of blonde, it looked just the ticket.

Now my hair is an interesting mix of brown with more than a hint of orange. One (as in my Beloved) might say it looks 'interesting' or someone else (as in me) might call it 'a complete and utter disaster'. And it looks nothing whatsoever like any of the pics on the packet. Whatever, I'm now stuck with it until it tones down a bit.

In a way I'm quite pleased it's raining today as if I were to go out in the sunshine and my hair got bleached a bit, God alone knows what it might look like.

So finally I'm thinking age is catching up with me and perhaps it's about time I stopped dyeing my hair and just leave it to be what it wants to be. I've got a couple of months to go before I finally make up my mind as this one grows out, though I've noticed I'm already being strangely drawn to 'Pure Light Blonde' for some reason. Who knows, but maybe it's because I'm worth it.


  1. You could always try a blue rinse...

  2. How do I put it? Oh yes... I think the phrase ends in 'off'!

  3. Ah, we've all had hair disasters. I say go for a trial "Pure light blonde". You're definitely worth it!