Friday, 10 June 2011

Ladies who lunch

Today I did my very first restaurant review. I went to The Library in The Roxburghe Hotel and Golf Course and it was fantastic. The place is absolutely stunning and the meal was pretty good too.

I started with sweet potato soup, followed by fillet of halibut, herb butter asparagus spears, black olive and garlic crushed new potatoes and finally finished with apple tatin with cinnamon ice cream. As some of you know I'm not really into puddings at all, and so bought back a doggie bag for my Beloved with half the tatin (obviously minus the ice cream). I think I did rather well ordering a pud at all, but I suppose suffering for one's art is par for the course and the rest of the meal was very yum. All of it was washed down with a rather nice glass of complementary pinot grigio so can't really complain.

Because I needed to take a meat eater, and I really had short notice for this one, I took my Beloved's new employee. It was good as it gave us a chance to get to know each other in relaxed surroundings and she was helping me out big time, otherwise I might well have lost the gig. I think she enjoyed it too. A chance for us both to get dressed up and be ladies that lunch.

The only problem is that I had to write 210 words (with a 15 word leeway) and had to include all sorts, from what the manager told me about the place to what I'd experienced myself.  I managed it in 214 words, which was quite a feat I can tell you.

I'm pleased with what I ended up with and am hopeful that it'll be good enough for them to offer me more. Can't wait!

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