Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day started yesterday with No.1 son phoning to say that he'd forgotten to send me his card, but I'll get it on Tuesday when I go to Edinburgh. I'm due a phone call from him apparently, that is of course if he remembers!

I got a lovely card from No.2 son, which is great. I know he's not a fan of what he sees as Americanised, flagrantly commercialised 'days', so he sent me a very tasteful card with a pic of the Clifton Suspension Bridge with an air balloon race. I was really pleased to get it.

Then I phoned my mother at just after 8 am, and woke her up. The days when she used to get angry with me for phoning when it wasn't convenient seem to have gone by thank goodness. The funny thing is she very often phones me before 8! She's going out for lunch with my brother, my sister-in-law and her son, so I'm sure she'll enjoy that.

Meanwhile my Beloved is off doing a Sunday Breakfast Run with the Lauder Limpers, after having found out that someone has hacked into his Facebook account and has been sending weird cards to all his friends, so I'm sure he'll be using the run to get rid of his aggressive feelings for whoever did such a thing.

And me? Well after all the exhaustion of the last few weeks, yesterday was a bit of a non day. I spent most of it writing, but doing not much else, so today is back to doing things. I have a house to tidy and a body to get fit and today's the day.

I suppose apart from the card and a couple of phone calls Mother's Day doesn't have quite the same resonance when your kids aren't around. No burnt breakfast, no messy kitchen to contend with, no loud boys stomping and shouting.... oh well, will just have to amuse myself instead!

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