Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Yesterday I received a communication that the Apple iPad 2, that I ordered what seems like forever ago, is on its way. It's a bit sad really that I have to do these things, but I'd promised myself one once the new one had come out, and I always keep my promises! Of course now I have to hope that it reaches me before the end of the week as I'm off to my old stamping ground for a week away from home on a poetry workshop. This was another gift I'd promised myself, and signed up for in December and which hopefully will be as much fun as the iPad, maybe more who knows?

I love gadgets I really do, they must fulfil some long lost testosterone part of me that goes along with liking to drive fast and things like that... of course the thought of the inside of an engine and my feminine side rears it's ugly head, so just to fulfil that feminine side, the iPad is coming with a very girly pink smart cover!

In my list of excuses for this purchase (and I don't know why I have to justify large purchases, but it seems I do) are the following:
1) building up to my 60th Birthday next January (a lot more mileage in this one methinks)
2) my 1st anniversary (we got married on 29th Feb 2008 after some 17 years together, so 3 years with no anniversary celebrations and that's another one with quite a lot more mileage)
3) getting the restaurant reviewer job
4) a reward for doing well at the indoor bowls. Yesterday was the last day of the season for me and my partner and I won 14-2. I actually got 12 of those points, which I was very pleased with, and the team leader of the team I've been asked to join for next season was mightily impressed.

Enough excuses for an iPad? Well I think so!

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  1. All your excuses make sense to me - except getting the restaurant reviewers job. Are planning to type your reviews on your new ipad as you eat?!

    My beloved hasn't admitted it if he's bought the new one but I'll get to see for myself in a few weeks.