Saturday, 23 April 2011

A speedy return

I'm back from the Highlands and the only way to describe the whole experience was it was 'interesting'.

It started so promisingly as well, but rapidly deteriorated ending up with one of the tutors telling me in a rather condescending way that I was like Pollyanna. I think she didn't like my relentless cheeriness or something like that. The final straw for me was when she asked me my age and then said, 'Well m'dear, I'm ten years older than you and I'd like to give you some advice.' At that point I think I felt like hitting her - cheerfully of course - and then I got the Pollyanna comment. I obviously didn't want to let my audience down so behaved in a very Pollyanna-ish way, but I still felt like smacking her!

Win some, lose some I suppose, but I don't think I could possibly recommend the experience as more than an expensive way to be quietly yet forcefully condescended to!

Luckily the situation was retrieved by one of our number who's a film maker and had much the same treatment as me. She and I joined forces and soothed each others fevered brow, but it was a relief to get home.

Because it's Easter weekend I made the incredibly sensible decision to get up at 5 am and hike off down the A9 before the rest of the world woke up. It wasn't until I was just outside Perth that I was slowed down by the first caravan enthusiast of the day, which reinforced how sensible I'd been, and I managed to get home in record time. I do admit to speeding a bit but the joy of getting home to my Beloved and in time for breakfast was worth it.


  1. The Beloved was delighted to do breakfast and isn't at all surprised at the idea of speeding! The level of speeding is, however, a secret between the coffee lover and the A9, and hopefully not the boys from the Highland constabulary. Guesses have been made, based on the time taken to get home and I would suggest my Nissan Navara couldn't have done it in the same time!

  2. There was an old poet called Polly
    Whose outlook was incessantly jolly
    But became rather narked
    When her tutor remarked
    That her attitude bordered on folly.

  3. What's with the 'old' Mr Bassman? I thought 60 was the new 40 and as life begins then and I haven't quite reached it yet, I think you'll find that makes me young!

  4. I want to hit her too, on behalf of all your friends who love you just the way you are. I'm glad you found an ally.