Wednesday, 6 April 2011

An almost complete day off

Today I had a whole day off... well almost!

I started out with a reflexology session at Mulberry House with the delightful Annette. About 3 weeks ago my secretary, Dawn, put a card in my pigeon hole at work to tell me that they were doing 15 minute taster sessions there. At lunchtime, Dawn told me to go and have a session as it was just across the road from work and so I did. I mean who argues with their secretary? And jolly good it was too. They gave me a card for a Spring Fling, which is a 75 minute foot and leg massage and reflexology session all for £40 and because I was in Edinburgh today I thought I'd treat myself.

The reason I was in Edinburgh was because last night was our Sangha Christmas dinner. Yes, ok it was definitely a few months late, but that's because my friend N was away at Christmas and we were waiting for her to get home at the end of January and then we'd go for our dinner. None of us were aware that so many weeks had gone by and so thought we'd get on and do it last night. We went to Chez Jules, and we had a lovely time, but it wasn't nearly as good as Sweet Melinda's where we went for N's birthday back in early December.

Anyway, back to today. After my session with Annette, I definitely had a spring in my step and headed off for lunch with Shirley. We tend to meet up in the restaurant at Harvey Nicks where we can be pretty much guaranteed something simple and nice for lunch that's not going to fill us up too much. We had a lovely time together. The lovely lunch was followed by a quick John Lewis shop and then Shirley took me back home where I had to do the only bit of work for today which was a meeting with my workshop co-facilitator. The meeting was relatively quick and painless and then I headed off for my final treat which was a facial.

I know you're all going to think I was mad having two lots of treatments in one day, but it was a one off occasion at Zen, a beauty spa in Edinburgh that I frequent occasionally and they'd sent me this deal for a cheap facial. It cost £25 and I could get my money back (?!) if I bought products. I have to say it was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Finally, No. 1 son came over for a game of cards and I'm sad to say he won, which was the only downer of the day. And now I'm feeling fully primped and plumped and ready for the rest of the week.

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