Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter

It's been a funny old Easter as I only just realised it was actually Easter Sunday part way through the day. There's something about things like Easter that only really make sense when you have kids around and this year, the first Easter when No 2 son is in Bristol and therefore not within Easter egg dropping off territory, and because I was away I didn't have time to drop one off for No 1 son, neither of them got one.

My Beloved and I spent time in the garden soaking up the glorious sun, while trying to denude the garden of dandelions, which I think is going to be one of those neverending chores. In my week's absence my man has been out planting all kinds of goodies so hopefully we'll have a good supply of home grown produce as the summer really gets going.

Apart from that it's been time to get my next OU assignment together, which has caused me quite a bit of angst. But sitting out in the sun armed with my Roget's Thesaurus has meant I've cobbled something together. The sun certainly helped, must've warmed my brain or something. Anyway it's pretty much done which is a relief.

Tomorrow night outdoor bowls starts. I'm hoping my experience at the indoor bowls will have helped me to be a bit quicker off the mark than usual. I've found someone in the village who wants to start playing and is keen to practice during the day, so maybe this year will prove better than the last couple for me. I'm not sure the start will be that good tho as the weather forecast suggests rain tomorrow night. Typical!

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