Saturday, 30 April 2011

How to celebrate

No, not that celebration, the other one.... my step-grandson's 2nd Birthday!

For some reason a couple decided to get married yesterday, while we were off in sunny (but bloody cold) Glasgae, drinking champagne and eating BBQ while the delightful child seemed a bit overwhelmed with it all, but once his cousins turned up and he had an opportunity to jump on the bouncy castle his mother had spent many hours blowing up, he looked like he was enjoying himself.

We couldn't stay for too long as my Beloved had a date with Loch Ness and had to get off up to the Highlands. This weekend he's ministering to anyone who needs it while they complete the Monster Bike and Hike, and he needed to be up there for early this morning. So after our date in Glasgow we headed back to Edinburgh for him to pick up his truck and me to pick up the dog and get home. So off he went in one direction and me and the dog in the other.

Apparently he met up with a friend last night and revisited the climbing wall in Inverness where they spent a happy hour or so heaving themselves up and down, and then he went off for a night in the hills in his tent. I've already had a call from the happy camper to say it's a glorious day over Loch Ness and luckily I was able to say it was the same at this end of the country.

The dog and I have decided on a quiet weekend, where I have to catch up with some work and she has to catch up on some zeds, her favourite activity and one which she does extremely well.

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