Monday, 18 April 2011

Strange connections

Today I'm travelling North to Moniack Mhor for a week of poetry. It's funny how months ago when I booked this I was really looking forward to going, but now the day has arrived and I'd prefer to be staying put. I'm sure once I'm there it'll all be great.... at least I hope so!

I'm not sure I'll be able to post from there, so if not you'll get the full 'whack' when I get home on the weekend.

The programme is pretty full on so won't have much time to go off campus and see friends, which will be a bit odd. Going all the way up to Inverness-shire and not seeing anyone I know seems a bit of a waste, but there you go. Interestingly there is someone I know at Moniack Mhor. She's one of the organisers. I know her through my Beloved, my ex husband and Shirley and Andy. A real case of strange connections. It's rather a convoluted story, so will leave it til another time, but it reminds me of when I did a Reiki course many years ago and my Beloved's ex sister-in-law was on the same course. The fact that we were paired up to practice made it a bit awkward to start with, but when you have to concentrate on what you're doing awkwardness doesn't last long.

I've already spoken to and exchanged pleasantries with the organiser, so hopefully no awkwardness, no embarrassing moments... a good start at least, now there's just the poetry!

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