Thursday, 31 March 2011

Looking forward to the weekend

I'm totally exhausted as have been away from home facilitating a brand new course. This coincided with me deciding to be extra good and not indulge in any alcohol whatsoever so I could be awake and alert, and all that seems to have happened is that I've not slept well and have ended up at 7 pm at night wanting to go to bed. 

This course is the last one for a little while, so that's good as 3 in the space of 4 weeks is enough!

Meanwhile this all coincides with yet another Open University assessment that needs to be in in a couple of weeks, but I've been good with this one and it's already off. These last couple of weeks I knew would be tough and so wanted to be ahead of the game and am pleased to report that I am. I've started on my final piece which is 50% of the course mark, and so has to be in or it's a complete fail and it's that one that seems to be causing me some angst. It's funny really as when I spend anytime in the car I spend the journey mapping the story out, and then promptly forget it all once I get out! I have one more to do before that final one has to be in, but frankly I haven't thought much about it, and as it's only for 20% of the rest of the 50% (all the rest of the assignments apart from the last one), I'm less worried about it, and am off on an Arvon poetry course in a few weeks so am hoping that I'll be able to use something I'll have written there.

So a busy time and hopefully a relaxing and less stressful weekend coming up, which will be good.

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