Sunday, 10 April 2011

And again

Today was another glorious day. This one showed up another peacock butterfly and a red admiral and both of those in the garden, along with a couple of the most enormous bumble bees. May be there are some advantages of mobile phones not working in the village?

The dog and I had our second lovely day together, but it was too hot for her to walk very far. We did go for a quick walk down to the Community woods, but only on the short route. Having such a thick coat is a bit of a disadvantage at this time of the year. Of course this now means we will have several months of her shedding enough hair to fill a mattress, which means more of my least favourite activity which is house cleaning... the joys of dog ownership.

We are now awaiting the arrival of my Beloved who's on his way home from Casualty Care training. He's had a lovely time, only marred by losing his mobile phone. He's hoping he's dropped it in one of his lift's cars. I think that's the one before the one he eventually got into to go to where he was supposed to be going... well it made sense to me... I think!

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