Monday, 11 April 2011

The no phone drama

Earlier today we had a phone call from Andy, Shirley's wonderful husband, who knows all things computer, mobile phone etc and is generally always the first port of call in any IT disaster. He was the one who, when my last Mac laptop when awol, advised me that it was unrecoverable... and when he said that, I had to listen. I'd never had a Mac do that before, and I'm hoping I never do again, but the good thing is that I've learnt the wonders of external hard disks, and thank anyone who'll listen that the Mac backs up automatically. Anyway, Andy had read yesterday's post and was calling to check if he could offer his guidance as to how my Beloved could seek the whereabouts of his iPhone, so I thought I'd clarify for you all before we get any more phone calls.

The disaster was averted. My Beloved's mobile phone wasn't in whoever's car it was thought to be in, but on his desk, under a pile of papers no doubt, waiting at home for him all along. He was mightily pleased and relieved. Though I'm now hearing mumblings of wanting an iPhone 4... not sure if that's because it's so much more expensive and so will have to be taken greater care of, or that it's got a system that if you can't find it, it'll locate it for you by GPS or somesuch. Sounds like a good excuse to me!

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  1. Ah, the many ways to justify a iPhone 4! I can't get past the short battery life. Once they sort that, they've sold one! Can you hear the Apple guys running to their drawing boards??!