Tuesday, 26 April 2011

It didn't work

Last night was the first for me of the outdoor bowls season as I was away last week when everyone else started. Having gotten on so well with the indoor bowls I thought I'd wing it well once the outdoor began. But it was not to be. I'd forgotten just how different the outdoor game is.

I've been playing outdoor for quite some years now, so it was with extreme embarrassment that I could hardly get my bowls to travel the required distance, not helped I have to say by it being damn cold out there and my hands were freezing. I had of course left my handwarmers at home in my nice warm kitchen, typical!

So today, once work is done, I'm off out there to have a practice, so that by the next time I play at least I'll be able to hold my head up.

1 comment:

  1. A bowler called Vee (who's not old)
    Thought she'd easily win sporting gold
    But her bowls were not seen
    At the end of the green
    Cos her poor little fingers were cold.