Thursday, 30 October 2014


Goodness, how time consuming having a puppy can be! I've hardly done a thing!

We had a hysterical day on Tuesday when Folly came for a play date and Vespa spent most of the time chasing her tongue. Poor Folly (like Odi) spends a lot of time with her tongue hanging out and he just couldn't resist. They had a wonderful game of tug, which in spite of his small stature, Vespa won.

And then Folly took a liking to his bed, which is rather small for such a large dog.

And Vespa spent the rest of the day in recovery.

Today I took Vespa to Sainburys for a quick shop, which doesn't exist with a small pup - that's a quick shop, not Sainsburys obviously! He was absolutely wonderful. I carried him for most of it, but then when we got to the checkout he did a perfect sit and stay and then walked out beside the trolley quite the thing. It almost made me cry it was so perfect.

Then a quick stop off at the fishmonger's where I was told he could come back anytime as he sat and waited perfectly there too - please note although they've always welcomed Odi in the fishmonger's they've never said same about her!

The whole thing has exhausted him and we're now in for a quiet evening, I think, while he recovers.

What could be more perfect than that?

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