Friday, 17 October 2014

An energetic afternoon

Yesterday afternoon I took the puppies over to see Nancy and Quaver. Nancy is Odi's best friend and is a month older than she is and the two of them are off on the next stage of their Guide Dog journey together on Monday - at least for Monday day when they head for Forfar with the Puppy Supervisor and then Odi stays with the PS and heads off to Leamington while Nancy stays in Forfar for her training.

Alec, Nancy's puppy walker and I thought it would be lovely for the two of them to have a final run out together. It also so happens that Quaver and Cinders are both 4 months old, so we thought it might be fun for them too.

And being on my own with the 2 pups since Mountain Man left for recce duties in France on Wednesday afternoon, I felt doing something energetic with them would be a good thing.

Luckily the weather was on our side as the rain from the morning disappeared and the sun came out to accompany us on the madness of 4 puppies racing madly round a field. Well, when I say 4, it's really 3 as Cinders doesn't race, she gallumphs. I've nicknamed her The Lump. She's huge compared to all the others (when the big ones were her age), especially little Quaver who makes up for her lack of size with definite Napoleonic tendencies!

Cinders is just the most gorgeous pup ever. She's cute as anything and very cuddly and best of all she sleeps LOTS. I'm so hoping our next one is going to be like her, but knowing my luck I'll probably end up with another high energy soul like Odi. Ah well, I'll know soon enough on Tuesday when I go to pick him up.

Anyway, back to yesterday... the pups had a wonderful time. Nancy adored Cinders (Nancy is also a low energy dog and seemed to recognise a kindred spirit), Odi adored everyone (as she does) and Quaver went off investigating on her own quite a bit while Cinders tried her very best to keep up with Nancy and Odi with limited success. Jackie (Alec's wife) did her very best to get some nice pics for us.

At one point Nancy decided to show Odi her favourite place... the burn. I was not amused when 2 very wet dogs came surging towards me and decided to shake themselves an inch away from me and then raced back for another dip. I was so pleased Cinders was downright slow and didn't make it to the burn before being called back.

By the time we got home Odi was banned from anywhere but the kitchen til she'd dried off and Cinders went to sleep (surprise, surprise) - though I am detecting she's being led slightly astray by Odi and is tending to want to play a bit more and sleep a bit less in the evenings.

Happy times for happy dogs.

Cinders tries to keep up

Alec, Nancy and Quaver. Me, Cinders and Odi... I do wish that dog would put her tongue away!

At Alec and Jackie's banned to outside for being wet!

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