Monday, 27 October 2014

Plans still going awry

I had a weekend away on a Qiqong Instructor course in East Kilbride (of all places!) and left Mountain Man on pup duty.

The course went well but what was absolutely fab was getting back to a tiny black puppy jumping up and down when he saw me. There's something very special about being recognised by an animal and given that Vespa'd only been with us for less than a week, it was very special indeed.

He's still a little bit unsettled at night and as last night was my turn to be on duty and the drive back from East Kilbride had been hell in awful weather so I was tired to start with, I've ended up today beyond tired. Thank goodness MM is back on duty tonight.

Odi news is that she's not coming home tomorrow, but hopefully next week. The dog she's been sharing a kennel with developed a cough and, just in case she's infectious, she's not allowed to travel with puppies that are being delivered to their new homes, so she's staying in Leamington for another week . All my plans for what we were going to do this week are, consequently, out the window.

However, to make up for it, tomorrow the lovely Folly is coming for a visit. She's a German Shepherd/retriever cross and absolutely gorgeous. No worries, photos will be taken, so you'll be able see for yourselves.

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