Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Puppy news

I had a phone call from the Puppy Supervisor yesterday to give me a choice of dates and puppies. We've gone for 21st October as I've got a few things on until then and I don't want to be away and leave Mountain Man with Odi and a teeny pup to deal with all on his own. And we've put ourselves down for a black male threequarters lab/quarter retriever cross who's name begins with V, but no inkling what ridiculous name it actually might have.

But anyway, none of this may come to pass as the PS also said that there are quite a few 10 - 12 week old pups without homes at present and who are stuck in Forfar or in temporary homes, so we might well get one of those instead. It depends on her boss.

Then we also got the news of when Odi might be going. The answer is no-one knows. If she passed her scan test from last week then she could go as quickly as next week or fairly soon after, but we won't know til next week. If she hasn't passed then she'll have to be spayed and will be leaving us in November.

The only thing that we do know for sure - apart from the actual date of a new puppy of some kind arriving - is that next week we are playing host to Cinders, a 4 month old black lab/retriever cross, who'll be with us til 20th October as her puppy walkers are on holiday.

Odi will be thrilled to have her own live playmate here for so long. Mountain Man and I aren't quite so sure!


  1. Oh no! How are you coping with the uncertainty with when Odi goes? I think I would struggle with that. I guess the playmate will keep you busy & stop you thinking about it.

    1. Just taking it day by day and thinking how great it is to have her with us. She's turned into an absolutely super dog, which hopefully means we've done the job ok, so that's something to be proud of I suppose. Trying to focus on that, rather than her going.