Monday, 20 October 2014

The end of the journey

And so today, 348 days after she arrived, Odi left to start her new life. I can hardly believe it. She was such an enthusiastic presence in our lives and will be greatly missed.

My first ever photo of Odi

My last ever photo of Odi

I had to take her over to Lauder, where Alec and Jackie were with Nancy who was also going (though to Forfar and not on to Leamington), to wait for the Puppy Supervisor to collect them. The dogs, of course, thought it was playtime and enjoyed themselves thoroughly while Jackie fought back the tears and Quaver (who's 4 months old) tried to join in with the big girls.

I was ok. I'd shed a few tears on the way over there for our last car ride together, but felt quite positive once there.

The PS came and we did all the paperwork involved and then it was time for off. Odi jumped willingly into the PS's car, while Nancy had to be lifted. That didn't help Jackie at all and she burst into more tears. Then it was time for a quick wave and off they went, leaving us all standing on the pavement and a nonplussed Quaver not understanding what was going on at all.

Apparently it'll be a week or so before I hear what's going to happen with Odi. She has a couple of tests to do once she gets to the National Breeding Centre in Leamington Spa, and not only does she have to come out of those with 100%, all her sibs have to be tested for things too and if one of them fails anything then she'll be pulled out of the Brood Bitch Programme. As Odi was one of 10, it's going to be touch and go all the way.

If she does get to be a brood bitch then she goes to a family for life and they, apparently, have to live within a 30 mile radius of the Breed Centre. If she doesn't get to be a brood bitch she goes and trains to be a Guide Dog down South and then we still have to wait and see if she makes that.

Tomorrow we welcome our new pup, who we have to go and pick up just as Scotland gets hit by Hurricane Gonzalo... that should be fun.

But tonight I want to spend slob out time with some happy memories and some lovely photos. This one is a particular favourite, which I took on the 13th November when she was just coming up 9 weeks old.

What a cutie!


  1. Been wondering how it was going today. What a great start you've given lovely Odi. Thinking of you.

  2. Thanks Denise. Feels very quiet here without her, but I'm sure the sleepless nights to come will take care of that!

  3. So sad. This is the hard part. Thinking of you all. Hopefully Odi is enjoying her new adventures and you'll enjoy the next ones too.

    1. I've had my moments, but knowing she's ok and doing well is reward enough. Of course I haven't heard that yet, just that she went into Forfar 'quite the thing' according to the Puppy Supervisor. I'm now hoping she's settled into Leamington. I'm taking it that no news is good news.