Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A weekend away

Ok, well not actually a weekend, but it felt like it.

I took a trip down to see Denise, who lives not far from Dumfries to have a couple of days of chatting, hot-tubbing and being loved by her gorgeous dogs.

Amber and Rolf

Denise and Chico

It was real r&r time for me, though not sure about for Denise!

As well as dogs, Denise has horses, who're stabled nearby and not at home, but she does have some adorable chickens out back. They are absolutely fascinating to watch and the 2 cockerels, which Denise bred from eggs with the help of the now deceased Evie, are amazing. Here's a couple of pics. Tweetie Pie is definitely the leader, and Gonk his second-in-command. They are gorgeous.

Tweetie Pie struts his stuff

Gonk in the middle of the girls

And now I'm home for my last few Odi days. She's with us til Monday, along with Cinders, who will also be leaving us on Monday and then our new pup (who'll be called Vasco, Vespa, Vernie or Van, not sure which as the Puppy Supervisor's phone died), will be with us sometime on Tuesday I think... but then, knowing Guide Dog stuff, it may well be Wednesday before the puppy actually arrives with us... all will unfold in time.
I will be very sad to see Odi go. She's so lovely and such a positive presence to have around. I just hope the next one has the same outlook on life, but with rather less energy! When I said to another puppy walker that I'd like one who slept like Cinders does (which is a lot) she said I'd probably be bored... but you know what? It might be nice to be a bored in that kind of way for a while!

Odi and Cinders doing a very good sit


  1. The dogs and I thoroughly enjoyed your visit Vee and look forward to the next one!
    Rolf was terribly disappointed to see you go!
    Enjoy your time with Odi.

    1. Thanks Denise, lovely to know I can come back! Give that Rolf a great big cuddle from me... I adore that dog!