Tuesday, 21 October 2014

While we wait

I thought I'd give you a coffee plant update while we wait for the phone call to tell us it's time to collect our new pup.

Growth continues

As you can see there's growth on all 4 of them with the usual bit of brown leaves as Winter approaches, but all in all they're doing well.. I still ponder sometimes on how come the biggest one is so much bigger than all the others considering they all started in the same place. Of course now it's firmly ensconced in its own space I wouldn't dare move it around at all to give the others a fair go of the light as they just don't like moving anywhere at all. And the other 3 seem totally happy where they are now.

I thought I'd finish today's post with a pic of Odi saying goodbye to the boys. I took her up to Edinburgh for a farewell hug, but boys being boys... well you can see for yourselves!

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