Monday, 3 November 2014

And it goes on

Poor Odi isn't coming back tomorrow after all. She's now got kennel cough and so is at Leamington Spa for yet another week. We're keeping our fingers crossed for next week, but given what's been going on with her I'm not going to even hazard a guess as to whether or not she'll be back then.

Meanwhile, Vespa's cuteness factor goes on. We were in Galashiels this afternoon and a whole shop went 'aahh' when he sat on command and just looked at me. I was told to come back anytime (is this a pattern?) and I was just so pleased with him. Of course it changed seconds later when the little bugger wouldn't walk down the street on his lead and insisted on being carried!

We took a trip to the vet for a quick weigh in and he's put on over a kilo since he's been with us and now weighs in at 5.5 kg. He's still teeny, but has grown so much he looks almost double the size from when he came.

Here's a couple of extremely cute photos so you can go 'aahh' too:


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    1. He is, isn't he Denise? Though I'm not sure I thought so at puppy class today when he got frustrated with not being allowed to play with the other dogs so went into a barkfest!