Friday, 3 October 2014

Almost perfection

Today Odi and I had to go and do our bit for Guide Dogs as the Scottish Law Society was holding it's annual conference in the very high class Sheraton Grand in Edinburgh and Guide Dogs is it's charity of the year.

It also coincided with the coldest, rainiest day we've had in quite a while, so with a heavy heart I decided on driving all the way there and parking in their extremely expensive car park (£6 for two hours) instead of parking at No. 2 Son's and getting the bus, as the the thought of wet dog smell amongst all those lawyers might well have been a turn-off rather than helping raise funds.

When we arrived Guide Dog Oona was in residence at the Guide Dog stand and Odi went a bit nuts to try and play. She ended up going on her back and trying to crawl underneath Oona! After a minute or two of frantic bad behaviour she then settled down and, from that moment on, was the most perfectly behaved dog I could've wished for.

Whilst I got my lunch (those lawyers certainly know how to treat their own!) Odi lay on the floor sleeping and then, when all the legal eagles came out for their's Odi lay there allowing loads of people to troop on by her oohing and aahing while she just batted her eyelids. The only time she got a little excited was when she saw herself in a mirror, but she calmed down pretty quickly when she realised she couldn't play with that darn illusive dog.

We talked to loads of people and Odi was great. Not getting too excited when petted and was a real hit with all and sundry.

It's going to be a real wrench when she goes as having a dog who's almost perfect is such a joy. Still at least she'll (hopefully) be perfect for the next people she's with.


  1. All down to your training Vee. You've transformed her into the well behaved, take anywhere dog she needs to be for the next stage of her life. Well done.

    1. Thanks Denise... shame we couldn't quite rid her of her hooligan behaviour at puppy class (or as I like to call it 'personality') before she went, but I fear we're on a loser with that one!