Thursday, 2 October 2014

Old Lady badminton strikes

I went back to Old Lady badminton yesterday in spite of still having the virus hanging around. You'll remember that Old Lady badminton is the one where we stop half way through for a coffee break and sometimes involves cake too. I decided I couldn't hold off any longer as the virus might well be with me for at least another couple of months (from what others who've had it have reported) and really I feel alright apart from still needing to cough quite a bit at times.

The cough wasn't the only thing activated by playing though. Also activated was my competitive spirit and muscles that haven't been used in simply ages.

I'm pleased to say that I won all my games and although tired by the end of 2 hours, came away feeling quite up and positive.

However, by this morning it was a different story. Talk about feeling tired and sore!

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