Thursday, 9 October 2014


A quiet moment!

Today the lovely Cinders came to stay. She's a 4 month old lab/retriever cross and is quite a chunky girl, who's more on the retriever side of things.

Odi's in seventh heaven. Her only disappointment is that Cinders seems to sleep a lot (far more, in fact, than Odi ever did at that age). I had to laugh a bit this morning when her Puppy Walker brought her over telling us that Cinders is quite rough and quite energetic... I think she needs Odi for a day to see what a rough, energetic dog is really like! Poor Cinders took herself off to her cage to get away from the hooligan on several occasions, but essentially they get on great and seem to have lots of fun together. Mountain Man and I even managed to take both dogs to Sainsbury's for a quick shop, where 20 minutes felt like a lifetime.

I think MM may well be regretting saying ok to my going to a workshop on Saturday and staying over in Edinburgh that night followed by a 2 day visit with Denise near Dumfries next week!


  1. MM has it all sorted (of course) puppies toileted, fed, watered, cuddled and sleeping all before 8.15.