Friday, 31 August 2012

A message for the house fairy

As the rain set in yet again this afternoon and with half an eye on those fantastic paralympians, who are, without doubt, inspirational, I decided to get up off my arse and clean up a bit.

I started with the huge pile by the side of my bed. Books were put into 'interest' piles (fiction, factual, poetry,  magazines) and notebooks were labelled. Then it was time to move on to the enormous amount of 'stuff' that continually grows on the top of the chests of drawers that inhabit the bedroom.

I threw a whole load of stuff out, put things that were to go to my study in an appropriate place ready to take downstairs and things no longer needed/wanted were put into bags ready to go to the bin outside. Amongst the carefully arranged pile that was to go to my study was my passport, newly stamped with a visa for Nepal and which just hadn't made it back into the drawer where it belongs.

I then grabbed the armful of things that were to go to my study and headed downstairs. When I got there I was putting it all away, but where was my passport? I retraced my steps, but couldn't find it anywhere. I emptied the bags of stuff to throw out and checked, but no, not there. I went back downstairs and searched and searched, but nothing, so back upstairs and searched and searched, but still nothing.

Now I did know that it had to be somewhere in the house and that all things being equal it had to be either in the bedroom, the study or somewhere in between. I was beginning to panic slightly, wondering if by some chance I had the beginnings of dementia and had forgotten that I'd stopped somewhere else on my journey to the study. I checked the kitchen just in case and also the dining table. Still nothing.

I went back down to the study and blow me, but there it was, sitting where I could swear I'd checked not five minutes earlier. Oh yes, and the other thing that turned up was my Mophie Juice Pack for my iPhone that'd gone missing weeks ago. I could've sworn this was last seen in a bag in my bedroom and yet it turned up right next to my passport.

All I can say is, if magic is going to be going on in this house why on earth couldn't it be dealing with the cleaning rather than the disappearance of vital items. I do hope the house fairy reads this blog and responds accordingly.

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