Saturday, 18 August 2012

I challenge you

On a beautiful Saturday summer afternoon, Mountain Man and I decided to go for a walk along the Earlston Woodland pathway beside the River Leader. Sound good so far?

We took the car to Leaderfoot and then walked about a mile along. At that point we had a choice to make, either go completely round for 6 miles, go back the way we came, or split up and MM would go back and get the car and I would go the 2.2 miles to Earlston and meet him there. We decided on the latter. Our parting words were:

Me: the path is marked, right?
MM: yes, you can't miss it.
Me: I don't have my phone.
MM: me neither.

From that short exchange we should have realised that this was a mistake in the making. Quite how I managed to get lost on a well-marked pathway is beyond me, but get lost I did. I found myself wandering in an extremely muddy circle and, given that I'd taken no water with me, was just beginning to panic slightly when I found the pathway again. Phew!

MM was, by this time, also beginning to panic and having all kinds of visions of calling out his pals in the Borders Search and Rescue. Apparently he had been along the path I should have taken for well past a mile looking for me. Me? I don't have a clue. I tried to explain the way I went, but he looked at me blankly.

Thank goodness for the Co-op in Earlston and also for the fact that I always have a purse with some meter money in the car. After downing a litre of water I felt a bit better and we headed for home and the washing machine to get my completely mud covered jeans washed asap.

So here's the challenge. Can you go on a path that's well marked, well trodden and everyone knows and get yourself completely lost? I thought not!


  1. MM isn't really sure what to say! Path with signs? Follow the river to Earlston? Well made well trodden path? Lost for words (pardon the pun). The thought of having to call out the team was beginning to get just a little embarrassing :) There must be a note to self in there somewhere.

  2. I'm thinking jealousy MM! It's not everyone with the skill-set I have!

  3. Don't worry Vee, I suffer with the same affliction. Always manage to get lost no matter what. Perhaps a GPS is in order?!

  4. Have you tried a GPS? I'm not sure I could work it well enough. I tried following a map on my phone when I was in London and had to phone a friend to get picked up as I was well and truly lost!