Monday, 13 August 2012

That was that

I woke up this morning and realised, after all the excitement and thrilling achievements of all those fab sporting people, there was to be no more Olympics today. That means my ever growing list of 'things that should have been done two weeks ago' and 'things that must be done' and just plain ole 'things to do' might actually get done, or at least started. Well that is until the Paralympics begins!

The closing ceremony was ok. I found I could easily do a Sudoku puzzle or several and glance up at the tv every now and again. There were quite a few who rocked it like Jessie J, Tinie Tempeh and Taio Cruz and then Jessie J's stint with Queen was another triumph. I loved the John Lennon ending and Queen beginning. And finishing with The Who was brilliant. The rest slightly washed over me. What struck me though, was it was probably one of those parties that you needed to be there to fully appreciate, whereas sitting on my bed in the Scottish Borders listening to the rain outside probably coloured it slightly.

Today it's time to turn my attention to the Edinburgh Fringe and get to enjoy some of what the capital has to offer. Tonight we have tickets for 'One Man Star Wars Trilogy' with Charles Ross , which I'm assured by No. 2 son is very well worth it. We have friends from Darn Sarf staying for a couple of days, so prior to our evening experience there's some socialising to do.

So that's me, off to get some of those things done that need doing so I can enjoy myself tonight with a (relatively) clear conscience.

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