Sunday, 12 August 2012

My August birthday

I didn't really celebrate my June birthday because of Nell's death, and then in July I was on retreat. So it was lovely to wake up yesterday morning to a card, a hug and a 'shall we go out tonight?'. However, because it was the last night of Olympic sport, we decided to stay in and enjoy it all.

Now here's where I have an admission to make. I actually never got up properly yesterday. I know you're going to think how incredibly lazy I was, and in some ways you'd be absolutely right. But I got some work out that needed doing and then the sport came on. And then suddenly the day was gone.

The only thing was, I expended a huge amount of energy. I mean, if you've been diving, modern pentathaloning, handballing, walked 20k, run a 5000 metres, an 800 metres, a 4x400 metres (all 1600 metres of it), a 4x100 metres (all 400 metres of it), boxing and finishing up with another session of diving, then you'd be pretty exhausted too. Or maybe you did?!


  1. I foresee withdrawal symptoms, and will have to work out some kind of training programme, could be tricky. x

  2. Don't worry, not long to go before the Paralympics starts!