Thursday, 16 August 2012

An easy choice

As my friend Shirley and I wandered across to Festival activities yesterday, we were accosted by the usual several people telling us we had to see their shows. One of those was called 'Shirley and Shirley Unleashed'. We felt we were destined to see it.

Apparently James Corden said they were 'two of the freshest and most energetic performers in Edinburgh this year'. Of course if you read it, it doesn't actually say they were any good. My verdict? They were ok. Both Shirley and I were relieved we'd chosen to sit 3 rows back and against a wall where we were out of reach of either of the two girls. We were very lucky!

After the show we hung out for a while and then decided on dinner. Sweet Melinda's, which I've written about before, was our choice and I'm so pleased it was.

Our afternoon was rapidly forgotten in a fantastic concoction of shrimp, samphire and parmesan, followed by hake with a chive mash. Yum!

So my advice, for what it's worth and with no disrespect to my friend Shirley, is, if you're in Edinburgh the Shirley's might well not be your first choice of things to see/do, but Sweet Melinda's... well now you're talking!

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