Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A lovely evening

There's something rather wonderful about the Edinburgh Fringe and all the other festivals the city is host to. You can rock up to the city and hang out for a while as a huge amount of folk come up and give you the lowdown on the shows they're promoting, giving leaflets, offering two for one and generally creating a lovely atmosphere. Of course it helps when it's sunny and warm.

Contrary to the weather forecast, yesterday was a blinder. Mountain Man and I arrived in the afternoon and headed for The Pleasance, but there was nothing that took our fancy happening in our afternoon time-frame, so we headed off to Bristo Square and were bombarded with all kinds of promising looking shows. We plumped for 'Man 1, Bank 0', which was a true story about Patrick Combs who deposited a junk cheque, worth over $95,000 in a bank in the US as a joke and actually beat the bank system. What's not to like? It turned out to be a great way to spend an hour of our time, especially as it was on a buy-one-get-one-free offer. And a fascinating story it was too.

After that we headed back to the house to meet up with our Southern friends and then for dinner at Bonsai, our local Japanese, and from there to the 'One Man Star Wars Trilogy', which was fantastic. I only wish I'd taken No. 2 Son's advice and watched the films again before I went as there were bits I'd forgotten and it all went by so fast (it was a Trilogy in one hour), that I felt I missed some things, but all in all a very good, clever show.

Then back to the house to sit in the garden in the balmy Edinburgh summer air at 10.30 pm and drink wine, chat with our friends and generally enjoy ourselves thoroughly. Bed beckoned sometime well after midnight.

This morning we had to get back to the Borders to be greeted by an almighty thunderstorm and a distinctly heavy shower. Back to normal for this summer then. I mean it wouldn't do to spoil ourselves with too much sunshine, would it?


  1. All round excellent day, thank you xxx

  2. Sounds great Vee.I love the Patrick Combs story - I'm off to look it up. Two days of sunshine here! It's a miracle.

  3. It's nice today over here too, Denise, though I've got some washing out so I'm sure it'll rain soon! I love true stories that are a bit wacky, and Patrick Combs story sure was one of those.