Saturday, 1 September 2012


During yesterday's big clean out I found a bag containing many crochet squares that I'd started about 18 months ago when there was an ad on telly about crocheting. I used to crochet quite a lot years and years ago and 18 months ago, in a fit of winter blues, decided to crochet a blanket.

Whilst watching the paralympics there was exactly the same advert that'd been on 18 months ago and, as a seemingly complete subliminal victim of the ad, I started crocheting a square last night. I think crocheting is a bit like riding a bike as I had no problem at all remembering how to do it. Getting it into a square was a deal more challenging.

I also managed to remember why it had languished in a bag for so long. My god, it's boring, and what's worse is, if I want to finish the damn thing then I have another six squares to go. I think this might all go back in the bag to be taken out when that bleeping advert comes around again in another 18 months!

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