Wednesday, 29 August 2012

More unsportsmanlike behaviour

And, oh dear, this time it was me.

I had arranged to play a bowls tie tonight at 6.30. I started promptly at 6.30 and had finished by 6.50.

It had been pissing down most of the afternoon and then just as I was going to cancel, the sun came out. I went across and the ground was sodden, which I hate and find I can't bowl to save my life when my bowls are wet.

I started the first end ok as my bowls were dry and won by one and then it went downhill from there with my losing 11 shots in 3 ends!

By the end of 4 ends with the sky getting ever darker and the ground like a swimming pool, I'm afraid to say I gave up. I just said to the guy I was playing with, that was it, I gave him the game and left the green.

I'm sure I've contravened every bowls rule in the book by doing that, but quite frankly I don't really care. I think I've only managed to play about 7 times the whole season and I've not enjoyed it much at all.

I scored my name out on the three other ties I was supposed to play before the end of the season too, so that's that... the end of my playing outdoor bowls.

I do kind of wish that I had finished on a better note, but at least I'll have given the village gossips something to talk about. Mostly I feel relieved that I'm not expected to play anymore.

The indoor season starts next week at Tweedbank. All I can hope for is that I enjoy the indoor a whole lot more than I have the outdoor, otherwise I might well have a set of bowls for sale.

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