Monday, 30 May 2011

Retirement beckons

I did get out to bowls yesterday, and realised that my new found bowls mate (his wife was sadly ill so couldn't make it) was struggling. He's only just begun to play this year. So we spent a pleasant hour in what felt like a force 8 gale, getting to grips with the basics. We decided we'd have another go today. And so we did, which was fine and I was finding getting him back to basics also allowed me to adjust my game too. I was doing brilliantly. Then tonight we both went to bowls and it was as if the last 2 practice sessions had never taken place.... back to the drawing board for both of us I fear.

However, bowls aside, today I really enjoyed myself. I was still up at around 4 this morning as was reading a novel (The Slap, and very good it is too), and just didn't feel sleepy. Eventually I went to sleep only to be woken by a morning call from my Beloved. It was 8.30 am! I made the decision that, as I'd got up so late and really didn't have a whole lot on, today I wouldn't work at all. This included housework. I know the house needs a good clean, but what the heck, will another day matter? I think not.

And I had the best, most relaxing day I've had in a while. The dog and I went walking, I went into Edinburgh for a bit, I read some more, I adjusted a poem I've been working on, I answered emails and watched TV as well as going to bowls.

I could get used to this.

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  1. The beloved, busy painting roads from London to Paris, thinks this relaxing day sounds a good idea. Can he have one too please! xx