Monday, 23 May 2011

The report

What a lovely wedding!

She Who Must Not Be Named, Bassman, my Beloved and I set off for Inverness to meet up with a former colleague, Anne and her man, John. They were staying the night at another friend's house, Lizzie's, as Lizzie is currently in Australia with her love for 6 glorious months. Champagne was drunk, which I knew was going to be a bit of a mistake for me as these days I seem to feel drunk on the tiniest bit of alcohol, but I also don't seem to have the capacity to say 'No'. After that I was absolutely starving as we'd had nothing to eat after our porridge breakfast and it was nearing the time (2 pm) when the actual service was supposed to start.

Off to church, feeling slightly pissed, hungry and I'd forgotten to go to the loo before I left Lizzie's house. Some people never learn!

The bride looked gorgeous (but our Tracy would look gorgeous in a bin liner) and Pat the Police was in a kilt, looking pretty good too. One freaky thing was that the best man turned out to be my ex babysitter from some must be about 16 years ago. A slight shock.

Over an hour later I was still in the same state when the service finished, only more so, so a quick trip to Lizzie's for a toilet stop, then to the supermarket to buy a sandwich before heading to the reception. SWMNBN, Bassman, my Beloved and I sat in our car in Tesco's carpark as the rain started, chomping our sarnies, while I sobered up a bit. And then it was reception time.

The reception was held at Ness Castle Lodges, a beautiful spot on the banks of the Ness, and it was fun to catch up with people I hadn't seen for a couple of years and some for even longer. Food was good, speeches were funny and then there was dancing. Now my Beloved hates dancing and I love it. I managed to get him on the dance floor for a quick spin around, and then he decided that was it. By this time (almost 10.30 pm) SWMNBN and Bassman wanted to go. She had to get a flight to Shetland the next day and was beginning to feel a bit headachy, and both Bassman and my Beloved had had enough of being social... and me? Well of course I could have gone on for quite a while longer, which I probably would have regretted the next day, so all in all it was a good thing for us to leave when we did.

Yesterday, my Beloved and I left SWMNBN and Bassman to their own devices before she had to leave for Shetland and went off to stay our last night with my very old friend Rosemary and her husband, Nasir. Rosemary was the very first friend I had in Inverness when I moved there in 1986. So a pleasant afternoon and evening were spent with them. Nasir is a wonderful cook, with curries being his speciality, and he made us one of his dhaal numbers, which was great. Lovely food, lovely wine, lovely company and lovely memories as we ended up looking at old photos of us and our children when they were still in the cute stages.

This morning we awoke to storms. I had a meeting to attend and that went fine, after which my Beloved and I wended our way back to the Borders, being blown and buffeted by high winds and tearing rain pretty much the whole way down.

Tonight is supposed to be bowls but I'm not sure that I'll bother... too windy, too rainy and too tired. Not the best combination.

Ok... well finally I have an admission to make. When I was in London I bought a wig. I'm sure you're all thinking you've got to be joking, but it's true. And very good it is too. I decided I'd wear it to the wedding after it got SWMNBNd's blessing. I was a bit neurotic about it and kept fiddling with it, but people kept coming up to me, telling me my hair looked fantastic and when did I have it done etc etc! I really wasn't sure how to react to that at all, but had promised my Beloved that I'd say nowt. I'm sure if I'd had a couple more wines I would've probably taken it off but luckily we left before that happy event happened. I'm still not convinced that people didn't guess, but what the heck, it was fun and I didn't get hat hair, and I could swish it from my eyes, so what more could I ask?

p.s. for Lizzie... I forgot to take the jacket, but I promise to pose in jacket and wig and post the pic in the next day or two. Watch this space!

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  1. Thanks for the low down. Sounds like a good time was had by all. I've seen some photos sent by one of the bridesmaids, which also give that impression. I hadn't noticed you in them but perhaps I didn't recognise you! I'll look forward to your jacket and wig ensemble shortly.