Tuesday, 17 May 2011

And back again

Back from London, where everything went well I'm pleased to report. No major problems, no major fallouts, just a lovely dinner with my OU pal and another good one with my mother, who was in good form.

My mother enlisted my help in clearing out one side of one cupboard of her umpteen wardrobes as she's trying to get rid of some clothes, partly to give to a charity shop and partly because she needs to get rid, a task which I have to say will probably take her the rest of her life and then after that it will all be down to my brother and I.

Anyway, I managed to persuade her that a lot of her clothes are either not to my taste, or a size or two too big, and therefore I wasn't going to hike them back to the Borders, and we never exchanged even anything like a cross word... that's a big change I can tell you. But I actually did bring back a rather nice FrostFrench jazzy jacket that I think 'She Who Must Not Be Named' might be rather envious of. It's purple with glitzy accoutrements, beautiful collar and interesting sleeves. I'm rather pleased, but can't think where I'll wear it to.

This weekend my Beloved and I are off to a wedding up north and we're staying with SWMNBN and the delightful Bassman, but I'm not taking the jacket... I don't think it's quite wedding material. I'm not sure the outfit I've chosen is exactly wedding material either, but it's extremely comfortable (with loads of stretch to allow myself to eat and drink) and I'm pretty sure no-one else will be wearing the same which is always a bonus.

I've got another busy week ahead before venturing north and tomorrow will be heading to Edinburgh for a couple of days working. All I seem to do these days is pack and unpack bags... ah well shouldn't complain.

Oh yes, by the way, I can highly recommend watching films on long train journeys. It certainly passed the time and I absolutely love my iPad.


  1. Have fun at the wedding and have a drink for us. I've got my beloved primed to knock up a cocktail or two to toast the bride and groom from here.

    Will we get to see a picture of you modelling the jacket? You've got me intrigued!
    Lizzie x

  2. If I've got room in the suitcase I'll take it north and get a photo done specially for you!

    Hope all's ok your side of the world.