Saturday, 28 May 2011


The time has come for my final submission for my current OU course. It's supposed to be at OU Headquarters by 12pm on 2nd June. As said somewhere in here before it's 50% of the marks for the whole course, so it's literally pass or fail time. In all honesty I've not done as well as I'd have liked on this course... my marks come within a 2:1 band all the way through (so far) and I feel I've not really progressed much. But I've put a lot of effort in, especially with this final piece. Anyway, I finished it and sent it on its way last week.

A few days before I sent it off 4 folk in my tutor group asked to read it. I duly sent it to them and I got one reply, with, I have to say, some very nice comments. Well today I get a phone call from another who I rate really highly and she tells me to make some changes. I do. This included putting footnotes in, and rather than manually, as I've been doing before, using Word. I've been using this computer programme for years and I never knew I could do that - still a new skill is a new skill. So I sent it off again. Then I'm just about to put the piece away forever, when I realise that the footnotes have sent the spacing AWOL. I then readjust and send it off yet again.

It made me think though. This is the first time this course has allowed electronic submissions to be made for the final piece of work. Prior to that you had to snailmail them in. In a funny way I really liked it when, once sent, that was it, sent for good.

I'm already 3 submissions down and there's still 5 days to go. I'm now keeping my fingers crossed that no-one else decides to comment, or I may well be heading for the resubmission record, something my Beloved thinks I've already achieved.

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