Friday, 20 May 2011

And away again

After work today my Beloved and I have a trip into Edinburgh to drop off Nell at the dog minder and then head off north to Inverness for the wedding of Pat the Police and Tracy.

I'm now committed to my outfit as it's too late to get anything else. I've had the jitters about it as I'm not so sure it's really wedding material, but I'm hoping my hat (the only smart hat I've ever owned) will do the wedding trick and pass me off as conventional. Don't want to ruin things by turning up as the only one in no-go outfit.

Before the wedding we have one night with She Who Must Not Be Named and Bassman and we're off out to celebrate with the delights of Cromarty... yes all you naysayers, Cromarty does have some delights apart from being a weather forecasting station. We're looking forward to catching up with them. Should be fun.

After the wedding we're off to other friends for another night and then a meeting in Inverness on Monday morning and then home again. I've not even bothered to turn the page in my diary as I can't bear to think about whether next week will involve more packing!

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