Sunday, 29 May 2011

Goodbye Mrs No-Mates?

I haven't played bowls for almost a month. It's partly down to work and being away on a Monday, when it's club night, but it's also down to the awful weather. I'm a fair-weather bowler at the best of times.

However, tonight I'm supposed to be playing with my new found pals from the village, who just started bowling this year. At last I have a couple who actually want to practice with me and I've suddenly become 'Mrs No-Mates' no more. They've been away for 3 weeks holidaying on the West Coast and are only just back. I got a phone call yesterday to see if I wanted to go bowling tonight, and the answer was a decided yes. All going well until I opened the blinds this morning to rain.

I checked the weather forecast and it said sunny intervals... well not here there aren't! Still there's quite a bit of the day to go before the bowls date is supposed to take place, so I'm hopeful I might actually get to fling a bowl before the day is out.

Meanwhile my Beloved is off to France, where he's expecting sunshine and warmth. Looks like the temperature will be in high 20's while he's there, which will be a real shock to his system. Still as the weather people don't seem to be able to predict what's happening here, it'll be interesting to see what he's actually faced with when he gets there. He's off marking the London to Paris route for a Charity bike ride for the company he works for and is really looking forward to it. But before that he has to attend the Mind, Body, Spirit show in London for his own company doings, and meet up with his business partner for hours and hours of chat. At least that's what they usually seem to do when they get together.

So that's me and the dog on our own for the next week. I'm not expecting my Beloved to be back before next Sunday and even then it might spill over into Monday depending on train times. Good thing I've got my new friends to play with then.

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