Sunday, 15 May 2011

And I'm off again...

Off to London in a couple of hours for a day of meetings... mainly work, but in between I have the joy of meeting up with one of my OU pals for dinner, which I'm looking forward to immensely and then tomorrow afternoon I'm having a follow-up massage (that is follow-up from when I was down in February) with the lovely Dominic, masseur to the English National Ballet, which I'm really looking forward to. My neck is needing adjustment again and last time he was so wonderful that I felt like a new woman for a lot longer than I thought any massage could lead to, and hopefully it'll be the same this time.

Apart from that I also have a date for dinner with my mother. And whether we have a good time or not is very mood dependent... hers not mine I hasten to add. And so far it doesn't bode well as she broke her wrist a few weeks back and this has sent her into a full on bad one, and combined with the phone call I received last night where she told me how tired she was I think my patience might be sorely tried, but hopefully last week's retreat will have given me some resilience!

Just because I downloaded it, here's a picture of Holy Isle:

You see the speck that is the white farmhouse? Well that's where I was... and now London beckons. Talk about extremes!

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