Friday, 13 May 2011

Blogger meltdown

Hello... I'm back!

I tried to get on here this morning to tell you all about my days on Holy Isle and all I could get was a 'sorry but is out of action'. Apparently they had something happen earlier in the week and the site was down for writing, but you good folks could look at all old messages, so just the writing site wasn't working. How interesting... I wondered if they were suffering from something similar to Sony, and they'd had an infiltrator who was so interested in garnering knowledge about people's blogs so that they could steal all the revealing information... mmmm didn't last long tho so maybe not that interesting after all?

Anyway, Holy Isle. Well the weather was awful, more like October than May. Apparently before we arrived they had wonderful sunshine, but the day we turned up it all went belly up. So the same as last time I was there, they had to send for the rib from Brodick to take us over. I actually love going on the rib as it's like being on a fair ground ride and adds a touch of drama to the whole thing.

The retreat itself went very well and the feedback was excellent with several participants asking if we were going to run it again next year as they want to come back. Can't really ask for more than that. It's very flattering that people thought the programme was really good as I put it together myself. Last year of course we had a strange weather event, where half of the retreat had to leave half way through, while the other half had to stay on an extra day, so it was rather like doing 2 separate retreats. But this year it went ahead as planned for the whole 5 days, so in effect was the first time I've done the whole thing as it was supposed to be.

And the wild Eriskay ponies had a foal in their midst and the Soay sheep had their lambs, who were all absolutely gorgeous. They might be wild, but they aren't at all worried about humans so I spent one early morning sitting among the lambs and watching them interact. It was special. One of our number actually saw an otter. I missed it, but hopefully will be getting a photo.

However, although a good time was had, it really is lovely to be home again, with no responsibilities for a couple of days as I recover from the experience and then it's off to London on Sunday for a business meeting early on Monday morning. I've just unpacked my bag and will have to think about packing it again! Of course retreat trousers and Qigong exercises will be firmly left at home and it'll be out with the glad rags and the make-up.

By the way, I didn't watch the Eat, Pray, Love. I've decided to save it for the train to London. I'm also going to download the King's Speech for the journey home so the train journey in both directions will be spent engrossed in my iPad. Can't wait!

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